REIKI  MASTER  & TEACHER, Alecia Brown, provides Reiki treatments for both people and pets / animals. 

We practice and teach KOMYO Reiki … the original Japanese style that was initiated by Usui Sensei in Japan.

REIKI classes are available week days and weekend days.

Level I (8hrs)        Level II (8hrs)        Level III Master (8hrs)        Level IV Teacher (12hrs)

REIKI treatment sessions for people are practiced in my ‘LIGHT ROOM’ with table or chair postures.

One Hour Sessions   OR   30 Minute ‘Kitchen Chair’ or table treatments

REIKI sessions for pets/animals are practiced in the pet’s / owners facilities.  Your pet will determine the length of the session.

Long Distance Reiki is available for both people and pets.

Please contact ALECIA at   or use the ‘contact Alecia’  button.  We look forward to hearing from you with your enquiries and to book your appointment.

REIKI is a Japanese term … pronounced RAY-KEE

REIKI is the art of hands-on-healing by means of channeling the energy of the universe to bring you balance and harmony.

REIKI is relaxing, de-stressing & is a spiritual practice (this is not a cult or religion).

with Love, Light and Inspiration

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