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Income Tax & Benefit Return NEWS:

TAX SEASON starts around October 15th each year … this is for those individuals and business people who like to plan ahead for their tax year, saving tax dollars and stress related tax issues … contact us for details and we will be happy to help!

ASK WHY YOU SHOULD HAVE Income Tax deducted from your EI or CPP or OAS!

Your employer should have your T4 slips to you no later than February 28, the end of the month each year.

Government T-slips for your Old Age Security & Canada Pension Plan benefits should be in the mail the first week of February each year.

All your ‘ T-slips, whether from work, pensions or school, can be accessed on line.  These slips are easy to download and/or print … you don’t have to wait for Canada Post.

Deadline for filing personal income tax & benefit returns is April 30 each year … whether you owe funds to CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) or you are entitled to a refund.

Deadline for filing a business return (non-incorporated) each year is June 15 … BUT if you owe income tax to CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) the payment is still due April 30.

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