taxes ‘n’ books

taxes ‘n’ books is a business name that was established ‘back in the day’ when we decided to start charging our neighbours, friends and family members for preparing their income tax returns.  The passion for organizing numbers grew and each ‘tax season’ starts earlier and ends later…only because of the FUN we are having.

We have been preparing tax returns, balancing budgets and bank accounts, crunching numbers and dealing with the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) for over 40 years.  Let us help you with your ‘tax situation’ because there is no such thing as a complicated one…that is how much we love to do tax returns.

Your tax returns are Efiled for a quick response.  We do not provide cash backs because we believe you deserve 100% of your refund…and with Efiling you can expect an answer within 8 to 10 business days.

Please check out the list of tax services we can offer you OR email ALECIA at:


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